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07/01/2010 - MIYAVI CONCERT @ ATL
I must say that the MIYAVI concert was a once in a lifetime thing for me. For once, it's my first JROCK concert, and it's my first time actually seeing a star performing real close to the fans! We wouldn't able to take pictures or record videos at the night club, but this is my way to remember this unforgettable time.

First off, my first impression of The Masquerade was pretty bad. Cause it was really ghetto and the building outside is pretty sketchy. And then Laura, Tou, and I had to wait outside for about 30 minutes in the heat. Then the man was saying how if we already have tickets, we could just go to the line with no one and get in! I was super excited! I walked in and it was complete darkness, I felt like I would trip any second. Then on my left was a bar and on the right had this disco ball thingy. Then it was time to travel onward up the stairs! Those stairs were kind of creepy to me. LOL. We got into the floor with a whole bunch of people crowding around the stage!

Laura, Tou and I were trying to squeeze through people to get closer up front. And in the end we were up close front. But there were like freaking 5 tall people in front of us. . . I was pretty pissed. And started yelling stuff about me being 5 foot tall and can't see crap. XD I was talking in Chinese loudly too. But in the end, this one dude and his girlfriend left cause she looked like she was about to faint. So WOOTS, CLOSER UP FRONT NOWS! Now there was like a freaking white dude that was creepy and had a very strong and disgusting BO. . . And then this pretty large lady was close to me too. . . so her sweat was touching me. IT WAS SO FREAKING DISGUSTING! And then this very tall skinny girl that was wearing a bra for her top was in front of me too. . . And this black girl that had freaking poofy hair was in front of me too! I was like smelling her nasty hair. There were like a group of retarded obnoxious bunch of people talking loudly and being stupid. Oh yeah they were talking about Twilight non-stop. But thank god there was these two sane person near me, this white girl that was wearing a cute dress and her boyfriend.

As more minutes passed by inching to 8PM, everyone was so excited and was demanding for MIYAVI. Then there was this dude that came out and everyone screamed. And guess who it was? Just a staff checking guitars and systems. I was kind of getting pushed already at this point. And the BO was so freaking strong I wanted to gag. . . And then that creepy white dude kept on looking at me cause I'm weird and said a lot of weird stuff. I started saying OH MAH GOD in a Chinese accent. This large gay (no offense, but he was literally gay) white dude heard me and tried to copy me. LOL. He sounded just like a whiny dude. . .I was like "You can't copy my Chinese accent!" Anyways, than that creepy white dude and this black dude that I thought was a girl in the beginning cause he had on a lot of girly accessories. . . the creepy white dude was telling the black dude with girly accessories that "It won't be good to squish this little tiny girl here. Cause she will turn into a sandwich and break." He was saying it in a really rude and mean tone. So I looked at him and said "Yeah I'm a tiny little girl, but I know karate. Watch out." It was actually funny that he looked to believe me! AHHAHAH!

Almost to 9PM, we thought MIYAVI came on the stage. . . And everyone was screaming and pushing! Turns out it was a . . . Miyavi cosplayer. XD Not long after a person came on the speakers and told us about no throwing stuff and no taking pictures, yeah you know the usual stuff. Not long after that. . . MIYAVI FINALLY APPEARED! OMG IT WAS SO FREAKING CRAZY! I was being squished and and pushed. . . I really did scream for HELP in Mandarin. But that was no use. . . Cause the fangirls and fanboys scream drone me out. And I COULDN'T FREAKING SEE MIYAVI cause of those STUPID TALL PEOPLE GAHH!! Oh and when that girl with the smelly hair in front of me was backing more and more back into me. . . I went and dug my nails into her back. WAKAKAKAKAKA. It was my only defense and offense.

And OMG, MIYAVI WAS SO FREAKING HOT. I stared at him and was like . . .OH MY GOD. And it was up close too. Then the people started jumping up and down. . . And the stage was moving a lot. It really felt like the stage was gonna collapse. D: And then more people are pushing, but MIYAVI got onto the stage closer to Laura, Tou and I. And I made eye contact with him, I almost died there on spot. Not long after I started getting a headache and I was suffocating! T_T I was the shortest in the group of tall people, and I couldn't reach for air. I cling onto Tou for a few times, cause I lost balance. Gahhh crazy fangirls!

In the end, I walked out from the front and went to the restroom to cool down.When I was walking out from the front, the people just gave me like weird looks, maybe thinking I'm crazy for leaving when I was in a good spot. Then came back out from restroom and went to the side where MIYAVI was close to that part of the stage. I couldn't keep my eyes off him. He was just too beautiful! He's really pale too! But he's freaking talented. After a few minutes, I went to buy posters of MIYAVI.

I went back and stood for a few moments and just listened and going along the beat. Then I went and bought me a coca-cola cause I was freaking thirsty. I came back and was drinking my coca-cola while going along with the rhythm. Even though I was by myself, I found comfort because I was able to cool down, and able to breath! After drinking the coke, I was going crazy and went to the middle of the crowd and like bouncing up and down, raising my hands and making different signs, it was just so exciting!

Then I noticed two Asian girls next to me not going crazy. I was like "GO CRAZY!" and they were like too shy to. And I asked them are they Chinese, and one of them were and was Cantonese. But I think they were a bit bewildered by my outgoingness. LOL. They left after I was trying to be nice to them. After that I spent most of my time with the crowd just staring at MIYAVI and yelling/screaming and bouncing up and down! WOOOTS!

Before the concert ended, I went to buy T-Shirts. But turned out it was only Large available for the coolest T-Shirt. I didn't know if Laura still wanted the T-Shirts then. But in the end I bought myself one large T-Shirt. For most of the concert, I totally didn't know what Miyavi was saying a lot of times. >< I have such bad hearing! GAH.

Anyways, at the end of the show, MIYAVI was like splashing water everywhere, and I got splashed by him. It was cooling. But then he went and spit a lot of water out of his mouth. That was disgusting but glad that didn't get on me. And then he was shaking hands with the people in the front, and I was like rushing to the front. . . along with that Canto girl. SO CLOSE, but didn't get to touch his beautiful hands! :( And the show ended like that. And this REALLY CUTE CHINESE DUDE came into view. I was like staring at him for at least 2 seconds, and noticed I was staring. Turns out it was the Canto girl's Boyfriend, it seems. -dies- But when we were walking out, he was right behind Laura, Tou, and I. XD And when I was going down the stairs I was freaked, so I held onto Tou's sleeve. LOL.

I was so hyped afterwards! GAHHH. I feel high still! MIYAVI IS AMAZINGGGGG. I'm in love with a married man. XD LIFE IS GREAT ATM. I love concerts, but not the fans. They are scary. -dies-

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